Jul 30, 2021 • 46M

The Mother Yarns: Episode Two

The Surrogacy Experience

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The parenting podcast you were warned about! It's The Mother Yarns! Rebecca Keil and Emily Writes are mamas and best friends and they want to laugh and cry with you and journey on this wild ride that is parenting.
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It’s episode two and it’s a special one. Rebecca and Tess have a chat about what their surrogacy experience was like together. They’ve never had a proper debrief so it’s pretty exciting.

I felt really privileged to be able to be part of the conversation and ask them questions that I know people are interested in. I was blown away by their courage in being so honest.

In this episode we talk about infertility, birth injuries and post birth injuries, and post-natal depression. Please take care and if you need help to process your birth - please check out these resources. You can also contact Little Shadow. They offer in person or online counselling for parents.

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On this episode we have Anna Coddington’s beautiful, uplifting, stunning song Beams featuring Louis Baker. Thank you Anna for letting us use your beautiful song to end this special podcast. Follow Anna on Instagram and Spotify.

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