Oct 7, 2021

"I'm a single mother by choice"

The Mother Yarns

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The parenting podcast you were warned about! It's The Mother Yarns! Rebecca Keil and Emily Writes are mamas and best friends and they want to laugh and cry with you and journey on this wild ride that is parenting.
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Welcome to episode ten of The Mother Yarns!

This week we speak to Alison James. You might remember her from episode five when we had her on to talk about giving birth in lockdown.

We had so much feedback from that episode and we enjoyed talking to Alison so much that we decided to have her back. This time she’s talking about how she decided to have a baby on her own and how she went about aquiring jizz to make her beautiful bub.

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Single Mothers by Choice New Zealand.

Alison and her little love.

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In this no-holds-barred chat, Alison is super honest about the big highs and unexpected lows she faced. She talks about how she feels now that her little one is a year older and what life was like during pregnancy and beyond.

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