Sep 24, 2021 • 41M

Episode nine: Can influencing be ethical?

The Mother Yarns

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The parenting podcast you were warned about! It's The Mother Yarns! Rebecca Keil and Emily Writes are mamas and best friends and they want to laugh and cry with you and journey on this wild ride that is parenting.
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Welcome to episode nine of The Mother Yarns! In this episode we’re talking about influencing. As you probably know, Emily hates influencing and Rebecca is an influencer. God it’s weird to talk about ourselves in the third person. Anyway, together, in this ep, we try to work out whether ethical influencing is a thing.

We also share what we have learned over the years about being “online people” - We have both been writing online for the past six years. A lot has changed. Is influencing still the Wild West? Are influencers trying to hide the fact that they’re influencers?

What is the actual definition of influencer? Is it anyone with an audience? What about if you’re not selling anything? Where are the boundaries? Are influencers ever really ‘real’? Are we all hypocrites around influencers and influencing?

We try to have a super open conversation about it all while hopefully not sounding like wankers.

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We end this episode with the song Everyday Heroes by Claudia Gunn. Claudia is a mother of two, producing and performing music for children and families through her label Little Wild Music. She’s won the APRA NZ’s children song of the year award twice and is currently producing two new albums about wild animals and sea creatures, for release late-2021 and mid-2022.

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