Aug 6, 2021 • 18M

The Mother Yarns: Episode Three

Parenting confessions!

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The parenting podcast you were warned about! It's The Mother Yarns! Rebecca Keil and Emily Writes are mamas and best friends and they want to laugh and cry with you and journey on this wild ride that is parenting.
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Hello! Episode three is here! In this episode we are talking about parenting confessions. We share the confessions given to us by mums and dads that are both funny and tragic.

And we share some advice that few people would want to say out loud…We confess because we worry we’ll be judged, and usually parents are judged. It’s a vicious cycle.

We ask: Why are people so afraid of a mother’s rage? And what happens when mums are silenced?

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We finish this episode off with one of our favourite songs to get you through the week: Big Boss Mama by Tami Neilson.

As always, thank you for listening and reply to this email if you want to anonymous share your parenting confession with us for a future episode. Or DM us on The Mother Yarns instagram page or Facebook page.

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